WordPress 2019: A Business Approach

A complete step-by-step guide to design and sell stunning websites

WordPress, eCommerce and Dropshipping  are three of the trending topics in website design and development — you will learn how to master these three topics through a practical approach with this new ebook.

Whether it’s the first time you design a website (or the first time you use WordPress) or you already have experience in web design, WordPress 2019: A Business Approach will allow you to acquire essential knowledge in order to design stunning websites by yourself.

Inside WordPress 2019: A Business Approach you will learn how to:

  • Design practical, real-world websites using WordPress.

  • Create modern and professional projects with WordPress.

  • Customize Themes and Plugins and even Develop your own WordPress Themes and plugins.

  • Create a profitable business selling websites and related services or apply for a related job position with an impressive salary.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most used CMS in the world:

  • WordPress represents 23.4% of all webs…

  • …and 60.7% of the sites developed with a CMS

  • 12,000+ themes and 34,000+ plugins available.

  • Translated to 51 languages.

  • 37 million searches per month with the words wordpress or wp

  • Thousand of job positions with salary up to 120,000 / year

With this new method you will learn, under a 100% practical approach, one of the most used technologies in the world

Why this ebook?

WordPress 2019: A Business Approach is not just another book — it’s your complete training program and guide.

After going through the text and code you will be able to design your own stunning websites using WordPress — I guarantee it.

Here, are 4 reasons why this book is better than any other WordPress book or method.

1. Practical method with real-world projects

With 1000+ websites designed along the last eight years, we have the required experience to show you how to design the best websites with a lot of practical examples

I’ve made sure that every chapter will enable you to apply our previous knowledge with WordPress to real-world projects. Here are just samples:

The business approach will show you how to design a simple 5 pages website and sell it for $500 or more.

2. Hands-on method

In this book you will learn by doing. Forget about theoretical and outdated methods and develop your own projects from the first day.

We will be there to design with you. Each chapter contains:

  • Step-by step guide with detailed information and code.

  • Themes, plugins and customization of them.

  • Free tools or resources to include.

  • From scratch to the final results.

  • With our secret tricks to improve your Project.

3. Clear and easy to follow projects

This book will not bury you under a pile of theory or pages and pages of complex code.

Instead, you’ll learn through intuitive chapters that are super practical projects and show solutions to actual real-world needs and trendings.

I take the needed time to detailed each chapter and example, ensuring you not only understand what is going on but why we’re doing.

At the end of the book you will be confident in your ability to develop your own projects (even the more complex)  through our easy-to-follow guides.

4. Support and advice

When was the last time you sent an email to a book course author with a question?

How long did it take for them to respond? A few days? Weeks? Months?

More than likely they never responded at all.

Our ebook is different. When you buy a book or method from me, you’re not just getting the content itself — you’re also getting access to me and my team of experts.

You will not find better support anywhere else online, guaranteed.

When working on your own projects in the real world you’ll have some question. Questions are a good thing — they mean you’re pushing the boundaries of your current knowledge, and are looking for more.

In those situations you’ll need expert advice… And we will be there to help you.

Three “Packs” covering different needs

As the ebook covers so much concepts and we will develop a lot of additional material, we will offer three Packs so you can decide which pack is most appropriate for you based on:

  • How in-depth would you like to study our contents?

  • What is your interest to use this knowledge in the future? As a hobby? As a professional?

  • What is your particular budget?

Packs will include:

  • The ebook files.

  • Video tutorials and walkthroughs for each project in the book (complete and pro packs).

  • Source code, databases,… so you can use the examples in the book for your own projects (complete and pro packs).

  • Our collection of premium themes and plugins (pro pack only).

A high-level overview of what’s inside each pack is included below. Each pack builds on top of the others, and includes all content from lowers.

Preorder your copy at a discounted price




Two “Add-ons” to get the most

After choosing a Pack for WordPress 2019: A Business Approach, you should also decide whether you like any add-ons to help start or level-up your learning education before you start the method.

I highly recommend that you choose at least one of the two add-ons at checkout page to make the most out of our method, and to enhance your existing knowledge.

Add-ons will include:

  • A hosting account with us to use as your own development environment.

  • Your Design Agency website to start your most profitable business with our promotional tools.

A high-level overview of what’s inside each Add-on is included below:

The Maximum Bundle

If you are one of those who always want more, we have defined the maximum bundle, ideal for you.

With the maximum Bundle you will get the Pro Pack + Agency + … 50 ready made websites an a website to sell them as well as related services. A complete business-in-a-box.

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